How clean is your water? {a quick product review}

        Many people I interact with have questions about water quality, and for good reason. Water, depending on the source, can contain extremely high levels of fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, hormones, bacteria, and even parasites. Most cities clean their tap water with different kinds of chemicals, so you may have water that is free of a nasty parasite, but is loaded down with chemicals that you’re trying so hard to get rid of anyway (one reason for seeing an ND!). The average human body is 60-70% water - this water builds our blood volume, creates supple skin, and feeds & cleanses every single cell in our body – which makes it that much more important for the water we drink to be as clean as possible. Have you ever compared the difference in taste between clean, highly filtered water versus water that came directly out of the faucet? If you can’t taste the difference, there are probably other issues that we need to address!


So, where do we get clean water from?


        The commonly used BRITA or PUR filters are not bad; they can filter a large percentage of chemicals and other unwanted additives, but you run into the issue of having to regularly change the filter, which gets EXPENSIVE. (Trust me, I used a PUR filter for years, and it got VERY pricy).  Many people also report having issues with the quality of the product – the pitchers can have a shorter lifespan and there is always questionable leeching from any plastic-based material. Also, the filter itself is hard to gauge when it needs to be changed. This led me to researching other filter options. I’m a chronic renter (not a home-owner), so I need something that is more portable. After a lot of inquiring, I stumbled upon the Berkey Water Filtration System, per the recommendation of another ND, and I have simply fallen in love.  (Don’t worry, I’m not getting paid by them to advertise, it’s just a product I really believe in!).

What is so great about the Berkey Filtration System?


1.     You can find a size that suits your needs. Families can order the larger Berkeys, while someone like myself, who lives in a smaller apartment and will only have 1-2 people drinking from it at a time, can get by with the Travel Berkey.

  • Sidenote: you can TRAVEL with your Travel Berkey – so for anyone who is going to spend extended periods of time elsewhere (or EVEN when you go camping), you can bring the Travel Berkey along without any hassle.

2.     They come in high quality Stainless Steel bin rather than plastic, aside from the Berkey Light, which is made from plant-based materials.

Why is high quality stainless steel so important?

As I mentioned before, water can leech potentially carcinogenic chemicals from plastic, but there is no leeching of the water from the Berkey stainless steel. Lower grade stainless steel products have been found to release heavy metals into water on occasion, but the Berkey Containers reportedly do not.

3.     The Black Berkey Filters purify up to 3000 gallons of water before needing to be replaced. That is a LOT of water. Depending on the amount of people drinking from it, this can last you years before replacement. Each black filter costs about $54 to replace, and 2 are required for each system, so paying around $108 every few years for replacement filters is reasonably affordable.

4.     The filters on Berkeys are so powerful that they not only remove chemicals, but also bacteria AND viruses, which means they can also be classified as “water purifiers” on top of being water filters.  


Now, what are some disadvantages of the Berkey Filtration system?


1.     Berkeys don’t hook up to the faucet. This can get annoying, since you’re going to have to repeatedly refill the water in the canister. Many people I’ve talked with don’t find this to be that much of a problem, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to just got to the faucet when you’re in a hurry OR struggle with extra space in your kitchen. This is less of a problem for me since I use the Travel Berkey and like the mobility factor, however, it’s worth mentioning.  

2.     You have to purchase an additional fluoride filter to attach to the Black Berkey Filter. The Black filters will clean up to 100 gallons of fluoride, but studies have shown decreased filtration after that. Excess fluoride in our bodies can be associated with calcification in certain areas of the brain that can trigger Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and other brain-related diseases. If you’re to purchase the Berkey, I highly recommend getting a Fluoride filter, especially after the first 100 gallons of water are estimated to have been consumed. It is commonly recommended to replace the Fluoride filter after about 1000 estimated gallons, so it can last you up to 1-2 years, depending on water consumption. Each fluoride filter set costs about $54 dollars.

3.     The upfront cost is heftier than other common home filters. You're going to be putting down about $170-300 as a base cost for acquiring a Berkey. As I mentioned earlier, you don't have to replace the filters frequently and maintenance is very simple, so the upfront cost seemed more worth it to me - like an investment in my health.

  • Tip: CHECK OUT THE SCRATCH AND DENT SALE. You can get a great quality Berkey that may have a little ding, for a portion of the price you'd pay for a brand new one. 
  • Berkey is also currently offering a couple great deals/discounts that you can use at the same time. By typing "YOUR10" into the discount code, you can receive 10% off your entire purchase, and by purchasing NOW, you can receive a FREE Lifetime Warranty for parts replacement and maintenance of the system AND you get the option of purchasing another product for 50% off (I went ahead and got the shower filter with this deal, as our skin continues to absorb some of the chemicals and toxins in the water, as well). 


        There are likely other disadvantages, but these are the biggest ones that I have noticed.   If you check out the chart on the Berkey website, you can do a side-by-side comparison of other commonly known filters. The Berkey exceeds other filters in MANY ways, including the level of maintenance, particles filtered, and how many gallons each filter can process before needing replaced. Click the comparison image below to view the chart.


       That if you’re packing water to-go, fill up glass or stainless steel containers (Klean Kanteen, SIG bottles, etc), and don’t reuse plastic bottles. Most plastic bottles are made for ONE time use only and begin disintegrating quickly.

        I mentioned this earlier, BUT if you purchase a Berkey now-ish, you can use the discount code "YOU10" to get 10% off your entire order. You'll also get the option of receiving 50% off another item and will be able to get a LIFETIME WARRANTY on your Berkey with free shipment.  It ships FROM Colorado so it arrives QUICKLY!

        I’m curious – have any of you found other water filtration systems that you prefer? Or have you found more pros and/or cons to the Berkey system? I would love your feedback and insight! 

In healing and healthy water consumption,

-Dr. J