Cancer and the Microbiome

          Here is a great article from The Scientist on how our intestinal flora can influence our health. It even gets into the notion that some microbes can promote cell proliferation (cancerous growth) while others prevent it, depending on the disease process of the individual.  This article also touches base on how antibiotics can predispose mice to weaknesses that ultimately lead to "predictable levels of tumor formation." The implications from research articles like this for how we treat acute sickness and chronic disease are huge, but the complexities are even larger. For example, platinum chemo-therapeutic drugs can be so effective because of how they increase inflammation to promote tumor die-off, while many adjunctive therapies like probiotics work to decrease inflammation, thereby decreasing the effectiveness of the chemo-agent when used at the same time. Timing, dosage, and management of integrative cancer treatment is intricate, but alterations in the mainstream form of oncology are being called upon, because mainstream cancer care isn't quite cutting it. Read the article to find out more! 


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