What can Dr. Jacqueline help you with?

This list is seemingly never ending as Dr. Jacqueline gains more experience in working with others. To describe a few of the struggles Jacqueline has helped others with: environmental toxicity and detoxification, mood disorders like anxiety and depression, hormonal dysregulation, digestive tract struggles (like GERD/heartburn, gall bladder removal support, gas and bloating, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, candida overgrowth, parasitic infections, etc), adjunctive oncology and chronic disease support, allergies, low energy, weight loss, chronic pain management, prenatal health, menopause, anti-inflammatory support, thyroid dysfunction, blood glucose dysregulation and adjunctive diabetes support, adrenal and renal support, acne and other skin struggles like hives, eczema, and psoriasis, neurological disorders, and autoimmune disease support. This is a limited list, so if your health concerns aren't listed here simply reach out to Jacqueline via the contact form to get your questions answered. 

  • Blood is our ally: Dr. Jacqueline believes that having the appropriate blood work is a portal into understanding an individual's dis-ease process. The blood is one of our biggest sources of life and often contains a blueprint open for interpretation that can lead one to truly understanding what is happening inside an individual's body. Jacqueline also interprets imaging and will request this when it's fitting for an individual's case, if imaging hasn't already been obtained. 

Jacqueline has extensive experience in working with traditional medical doctors, so contrary to popular opinion, you don't have to choose between one or the other. Dr. Jacqueline's education taught her that each patient has different needs, and to not omit other specialists when it better serves the individual. The goal is to get people healthy and finding peace within their bodies, and Dr. Jacqueline is the first to acknowledge when her services would be enhanced by work with another practitioner.

One of Jacqueline's passions is to teach others how easy and fulfilling it is to integrate a more holistic lifestyle into your everyday that is catered to your specific health needs and desires. 


Modalities: what different treatment options does Jacqueline call upon in her personalized protocols?

  • Nutrition as medicine: Jacqueline believes that diet is integral in overall health, however, no single person has the same guidelines for "what works." Jacqueline has worked with patients who request treatments compatible with paleolithic, ketogenic, vegan, and vegetarian diets. She's also worked with training athletes and helped them meet their specific dietary needs. The food we put in our body absolutely influences how we feel, both physically and emotionally, and Jacqueline wants to help others develop an awareness around this so that patients feel more empowered in their healing journey.
  • Botanical Medicine: one of Jacqueline's absolute passions is botanical - or herbal - medicine. Many of our modern pharmaceutical medications were modeled or developed based on their plant forefathers. Jacqueline has studied herbs and how they can be applied medically for years. Her training at Bastyr University required that Jacqueline comprehend how botanicals interact with the human body, food, and pharmaceutical medicines. Before patients receive their treatment plan, she will do an extensive inventory of current pharmaceutical medications being used, to make sure there are no contraindications or potential for harm to the patient. 
  • Supplemental therapies:  Jacqueline was also required to learn supplemental therapies much like herbal therapies. There are many instances when supplements can enhance or replace pharmaceutical medication; there are also times when an individual is better served by pharmaceuticals. Jacqueline's job is to help you decipher which type of intervention is safe and more appropriate. Supplements enhance treatment protocols and can speed up the healing process for many individuals when applied appropriately. We live in world that is constantly depleting us of basic nutrients, from chronic stress, over-medication, poor diet and lifestyle choices, or environmental toxicity. Through the use of supplemental nutrients, Dr. Jacqueline will help you develop a unique protocol to help replenish the body and restore it to baseline functioning to prepare it for deeper healing. Sometimes, individuals will be better served with IV nutrient therapy to speed the healing process; Dr. Jacqueline will discuss these options with you in session.
  • Hydrotherapy: Water as Medicine. It seems like a strange concept, and it might actually be. However, the original form of Naturopathic Medicine is called "Nature Cure" and hydrotherapy was a huge component of many of these doctors' protocols. Through altering the temperature of water and the method of application, individuals can experience a decrease in pain, inflammation and an enhanced immune system. If you're curious, "contrast hydrotherapy" is an application Jacqueline uses regularly for patients who suffer from pain due to injury, fascitis, or infection. 
  • Homeopathy - I often get asked the question "...So, you're a homeopath?" The short answer is "Yes, I am."  The long answer is that homeopathy is one of the many modalities of services a Naturopathic Doctor offers. Some NDs build their practice entirely around homeopathy, some use it acutely and not with every patient, and some don't use it at all. Homeopathy uses "remedies" made from extremely dilute extractions of plant, animal, or mineral materials. A constitutional homeopathic intake can last for up to 2 hours of inquiring about physical, mental and emotional symptoms patients experience. Homeopathy is a controversial field of medicine with mixed research, but it's been a main form of medicine for years in Europe. During your time with Dr. Jacqueline, she'll call upon homeopathy constitutionally or acutely where it's necessary. 
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - or "CBT" is a form of psychotherapy that helps an individual see and understand the relationship he or she has with personal thoughts, behaviors, and actions and to aid a person when these become destructive to personal peace. CBT helps a patient see that no one has control with the environment around them, but they do have control in how they interpret and respond to this environment. The ultimate goal is to overcome the control these destructive thoughts have over an individual. It can be useful in depression, anxiety, and many other mental balance struggles. In these types of sessions, Jacqueline will likely use guided imagery and/or biofeedback to enhance progress.
  • Cranio Sacral Therapy & Visceral Manipulation - "CST" and visceral manipulation are very gentle forms of body work that focus on the different layers of the physical and spiritual body. Jacqueline often incorporates these different modalities into body work sessions that are centered around deep tissue massage. Crania Sacral involves a light and intuitive touch, while visceral manipulation uses more pressure to access deeper organs and systems in the body.
  • Anatomy Lines Massage and Body Work - Dr. Jacqueline's favorite and quickest way to connect with an individual is through therapeutic massage and body work. In a time when everyone spends so much time trapped in their heads, physical medicine is a quick and easy way to come back into your body and present world. Jacqueline incorporates her specialty training she received specifically in Anatomy Lines massage. This form of therapeutic massage focuses on the idea that with every physical and structural issue there is a starting point that can be read by following and visualizing tension lines throughout the body. Through reading and interpreting these tension lines, the body tells the story of where the discomfort began and provides insight on how to uniquely approach treatment. 


Specialty certifications:

  • PRP - Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) injections are naturopathic at their very core. Dr. Jacqueline received her training through Empire Medical, which is traditionally an allopathic (or western) medical community. In a PRP procedure, an individual's own blood is drawn, centrifuged to concentrate platelet rich plasma, and is then reinjected into joints, skin, injuries, or scar tissue. This platelet rich plasma contains growth factors and cytokines that attract more healing elements from the body to enhance and stimulate repair. 
  • Prolotherapy and prolozone therapy - These are both non-surgical, regenerative (or "proliferative") injection therapies that help to stimulate healing of ligaments, tendons, scar tissue, and joints, while also reducing pain, depending on the method, location, and substance being administered. Neuro-prolotherapy is a specific practice of prolotherapy that focuses it's healing powers on neuropathies and pain related to nerve damage. Prolozone therapy uses ozone as the substance being injected, while prolotherapy involves the use of lidocaine or dextrose. Dr. Jacqueline does not currently offer PRP or prolotherapy, but check in with her to see if these can be beneficial for you and when she'll be offering them as a treatment.


March, 2016:

Dr. Jacqueline begins a series of continuing education classes for IV therapy that involve the use of vitamins, botanicals, amino acids, and electrolytes administered parenterally to help address underlying nutrient depletions that may be preventing an individual from achieving ideal health. IV nutrient therapy can help treat chronic diseases, infections, pain, or general fatigue; it can also assist in detoxification and works well with other treatment plans. Each patient undergoing IV therapy will receive a "cocktail" that is uniquely formulated to address the individual's specific healing picture. If you're curious, contact Dr. Jacqueline to learn more about IV nutrient therapy and find out if it can be helpful for you.