Jacqueline Thomas received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, Kenmore Campus, in June 2014. She currently holds her naturopathic doctor registration in Colorado, where she is held to the state's unique laws and regulations. Jacqueline has had a seemingly arduous journey through the last few years - mentally, physically, and soulfully - that has sculpted her passion as a holistic healthcare provider. In her younger years Jacqueline had a veracious appetite for adventure and new experiences, and as she's gotten older this curiosity has turned inward, to herself, her practice of naturopathic medicine, and her appreciation for simply being alive. Jacqueline wakes up each day and believes that her ability to act as a healer isn't just restricted to appointments, but can be integrated into everything she does, where she strives to make her life and work seamless. Dr. Jacqueline's passions outside of naturopathic medicine are abundant, but she is anchored deeply to her close friends and family; she also loves to write poetry, practice yoga, paint, meditate, travel, explore new foods, discover new artists and musicians, and enjoy life with the right company and a good book in her hands. 

Dr. Jacqueline also serves as a consulting Naturopathic Doctor at Remission Nutrition, owned and operated by Jess Kelley, co-author of the Metabolic Approach to Cancer. 


A spring afternoon spent with her beloved Otis in Colorado's beautiful Rocky Mountains